MBP Engineers Procurement Division

Our vision and mission in our procurement department at MBP Engineers and Procurement Services (Pty) Ltd is to get the right function at the right price.  By function we mean equipment, raw materials, components or spare parts. This further involves integration of purchasing into a company’s supply-chain management system, delivering the right supplies at the right time.

We strive to the importance of the 5 rights of procurement:

The right of quality

The right of quantity

The right price

The right place

At the right time

Our Procurement department always put our customer’s needs first and will always treat all customers with Integrity, Openness and Fairness and always maintaining a complete transparent relationship.

By using our fundamental principles, we will guarantee you that at MBP Engineers and Procurement services we will always acquire quality products, goods and services in the most effective and economical means possible, at the right time, every time.