Vulcanized Flame Resistant Rubber Plates GPT-W

Vulcanized flame resistant rubber plates GPT-W

Use and working conditions

Vulcanized, flame resistant rubber plates GPT – W are designed for use mainly in underground mines of flammable and non-flammable minerals, at “a”, “b” and “c” methane explosion hazard level headings and “A” and “B” coal dust explosion hazard level headings as:
– Rubber plates,
– Sealants,
– Lining of going barrels and rollers of conveyor belts,
– Lining of overflows and sides of conveyor belts,
– Mine facilities lining,
– Repair material for conveyor belts by cold gluing,
– Other uses with the need for flame resistance and anti-electrostatic design.

Vulcanized Flame Resistant Rubber Plates GPT-W