Basic Valve Angle – 7BAS


The FRASER valve is a Hydraulic Actuated Control Valve. The Globe pattern design provides reliable control and consists out of four major components namely: body, bonnet, seat and diaphragm-stem assembly. The compact design allows easy access for maintenance without removing the valve from the line. The only moving part in the valve is the diaphragm-stem assembly. This assembly with a replaceable Quad Seal, seals drip tight on the replaceable Seat Ring. The diaphragm-stem assembly is guided in the valve seat and cover by replaceable bushes. This allows smooth operation in any installed position. The Quad Seal Retainer and the Valve Seat Ring is made of stainless steel to ensure that wear is reduced to the absolute minimum. The unique Angle-shaped Globe pattern design has proved itself in various features, including stable control under various flow rates, low energy losses through fully open valve, less turbulence and high pressure reduction ratios. The standard Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coating is applied internally and externally to the valve body, bonnet and wetted parts. Not only does this provide adequate protection against ambient corrosive conditions and environmental attack, but also enhance smooth flow through the valve.

Angle Pattern Fraser Hydraulic Control Valve