Level Control Vertical – 6FMF


The Level Control function maintains a constant level within a reservoir. The Main Control Valve is controlled by a float pilot situated in a reservoir. There are two types of float pilot valves; On/Off (maintains a constant level difference of up to 1m adjustable). Modulating (maintains a high level in a reservoir). On reaching a low level, the pilot opens and drains the Main Control Valve Chamber allowing the main valve to open and fill the reservoir. The Main Control Valve opens fully and is sized to allow more water into the reservoir than the demand required from the reservoir. On reaching the high level, the pilot closes causing the Main Control Valve Chamber to be pressurised. The Main Control Valve closes, shutting off the supply into the reservoir. The pilot can be fitted either on the main body or remotely (± 2m).

Vertical Pattern Fraser Hydraulic Control Valve